By Wilson Koewing I knew little about the child except that his grandmother was a 2nd grade teacher at the elementary school I attended when I myself was a child so many years ago. I’d heard she was a disciplinarian, and I was happy then to be put in the class of the other 2nd […]

Breakable Bones

By Connor Thompson On summer Sundays my father played golf with his pal Chippy. After drinking and fighting, golfwas my father’s favourite hobby, in no small part because it combined so easily with drinking.Combining it with drinking and fighting had earned him lifetime bans from three local courses.All three fights had been with Chippy over […]

Lunch Break

By Sy Holmes Jim Conville had thirty minutes for lunch, but lately he was taking thirty-five. Running to his car to eat his sandwich in five, then leaving his hardhat in the passenger seat, spending the next thirty sitting in the coffee shop, out of the Great Falls cold. Sipping a large cup of overpriced […]


By Dan Brotzel Arriving early on the empty beach, the black sand a vast naked canvas, he and Lilly had dared to dream big. Google ‘sand turtle’, grandad, she said. The template they had sketched out with Google’s help was easily as long as him. He saw that the turtle’s flippers would have to come […]

An Interview with P.F. Kluge

By Megan Neary I spoke with author P.F. Kluge over the phone while he sat on his porch at Kenyon College enjoying Ohio’s first day of Spring weather. Kluge is the author of several novels, including: Eddie and the Cruisers, The Day that I Die, Final Exam, and Biggest Elvis. He has also written numerous […]


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