By Sara Chansarkar Newly married, in Ohio, we used to take long, cold morning walks, looping through the suburban neighborhood to the wooded trail across the street. I’d forget my hat and gloves, you’d forget to remind me. I’d stuff one hand inside my pocket and the other inside your oversized mitten, rubbing against the […]

Players and Wombats

By Dan Brotzel Thursday was social tennis night at Sean’s club. After some peremptory bed-farewells and a tough Q&A session with the kids — ‘Why are your glasses on a string, daddy?’ ‘Why do you take five bats?’ ‘Is that headband really appropriate?’— he was out the door by 5 past seven, and throwing his […]

The Fires We Build

By Matthew Schultz We split wood and stack logs along the property line as summer retreats across the lake. We’ll make a fire tonight. There will be boots and flannel shirts, coffee in enamel mugs as bitter as September’s pallid pull. Kids are walking up the hill between the long grasses, their slight dirt path […]


By Sean Jacques Raised as an only child, on the outskirts of a rural town, I shared the first few years of my life with imaginary friends. I spoke to them, listened to them, and we never argued. Best of all, whatever hero I dreamt myself to be, whether it was Daniel Boone, Zorro, or […]

Bowling Green, 2005

By Linda McMullen Ashley stood in front of the Cla-Zel Theatre, one fishnet-stockinged leg crossed behind the other, watching drunken freshmen stagger up Main Street in search of existential meaning, or late-night pizza.  She had gotten the call that the regular Columbia had gotten stuck in traffic on her way back from Chicago, and – hoping […]

Walther Fingers

By Amy Barnes I swore I would never have guns in my house. There would be no pistols or hand guns or rifles or pop guns or water guns. I wouldn’t wear bullet bras or have a Bullet mixer.  No guns allowed. I said to my mom’s group before my son was born.  I knew […]


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