Exodus into Suburbia

By Alexis Draut Louisville. South side suburbsynthetic flowers in hospital room: Icame out crying, gills for lungs in abasket on the Ohio River, baptizedin July fireworks and thunder Favorite color was swing set under sky,leaves dried on sidewalk, Mother criedfor City’s mercy, peach trees in SaintMatthews always with barren seeds,sewer fish thirsty for feet Swim […]

An Interview with Greg Gerke

Interview conducted by Megan Neary Greg Gerke is the author of the essay collection See What I See, the book of short stories Only the Bad Things, and many stories and essays that can be found in various publications, including Tin House, The Kenyon Review, and 3AM Magazine. He is also the editor of the new literary journal Socrates on the Beach.   Gerke said […]

The Sin of Sunday Rock And Roll

By Cerys Harrison Henry Ford built Greenfield Village as a shrine to American commerce. He dismantled historical homes from across the country and reassembled them on the property he purchased in the middle of my hometown. Locals were hired, at minimum wage, to dress in period costumes and perform Americana chores for tourists like candle […]

Citadel in the Clouds

By Catherine O’Brien At that altitude everything slowed, everything but our defiance to be understood and known by the people we existed because of. Blindfolded by the night we proceeded at a funereal pace, one of your hands all slayed fingers queried our future, the other held mine heating our palms with all its might. […]


By Nick Young The town was in for it, he knew.  Gonna be a big storm.  He could feel it, see it in the way the thunderheads were crowding the western skyline.   A helluva storm.     He continued muttering to himself as he picked up his pace, causing the rhythmic squeak of the wheels on the small cart he […]

Leaving it all Behind

By Jason de Koff Air flows down a sluice of veins, across glistening surfaces, to swirl about imperfect edges. A frenzy of bobbles as more follow describing the meanders of ever new fascinations. Capsizing and swelling  as if borne on the sea with sights both pleasant and disturbing revealed in its wake. The kite-like conflagration […]


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