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Round Midnight

By Dan Brotzel ‘Thanks very much for those updates, Peter and Iannis. Our next news and weather will be at about 12.30, as always. ‘So… it’s just gone seven minutes after 12, and you’re listening to Round Midnight, with me, Kevin Limina. And as usual, I’ll be guiding you through the graveyard shift with another lively mix of gossip, chat and opinion.  ‘And in this hour I want to hear your calls about… your ultimate emotional teddy bear. ‘“What do you mean by that, Kevin,” you ask? Well, I’m thinking of the…

October on the Prairie

By Margaret Rozga The purple asters still hold their color. A west wind urges, frees, shakes loose, sweeps gold maple leaves from their branches and rains them down to earth after taking them for a spin. You  ask if I still believe the arc of the moral universe bends toward justice. The moral universe. Is it contained within, or bigger than the unmodified universe? What of the 130 years this prairie was broken and farmed? What of the 50 years now of restoring prairie? How to do that math? I seem to…

Home for the Summer

By Leah Kindler The last summer that my heart is all the way home, I do the kid things. Sara and I lose sight of the sun behind the laundromat and our slipping towers of soft-serve. We sit there until half the people we know have walked past the stoop. We lay out our entire summers and watch them sink in the horizon. I let Maggie shave my head a second time on the driveway while their little sister watches and their grandma laughs. I catch a ride to Milwaukee and memorize…

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