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By Nick Young The town was in for it, he knew.  Gonna be a big storm.  He could feel it, see it in the way the thunderheads were crowding the western skyline.   A helluva storm.     He continued muttering to himself as he picked up his pace, causing the rhythmic squeak of the wheels on the small cart he pulled to quicken – a-wee-ah-kah, a-wee-ah-kah, a-wee-ah-kah . . .  Gotta get oil, 3-in-One – yes! He left the alley at Cotler Way and cut west to Main and across the street to Sandy’s Diner — low-slung, neon-lit, big […]

Leaving it all Behind

By Jason de Koff Air flows down a sluice of veins, across glistening surfaces, to swirl about imperfect edges. A frenzy of bobbles as more follow describing the meanders of ever new fascinations. Capsizing and swelling  as if borne on the sea with sights both pleasant and disturbing revealed in its wake. The kite-like conflagration of whirling and twirling about its tethered tine yields much about the chains yet to be broken and the change that must first take place. About the Author: Jason de Koff (he/him) is an associate professor of agronomy and soil […]


By Mitch James “Desperado Why don’t you come to your sensesYou’ve been out riding fences for so long nowOh, you’re a hard oneBut I know that you’ve got your reasonsThese things that are pleasing you will hurt you somehow” -Eagles “Every group needs an other. I don’t know how a society can exist without classifying another as the other.” –Rabih Alameddine “It is not possible to extricate yourself from the questions in which your age is involved.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson After fourteen years and a child, Eno couldn’t see the fence line […]

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