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By Wilson Koewing I knew little about the child except that his grandmother was a 2nd grade teacher at the elementary school I attended when I myself was a child so many years ago. I’d heard she was a disciplinarian, and I was happy then to be put in the class of the other 2nd grade teacher. I only know any of this because my mother told me as we rode by their home in the rural Piedmont of South Carolina. I’d commented on the beauty of the yard and she mentioned […]

Book Review: Lost in the Furrows, by William R. Soldan

Soldan, William R. Lost in the Furrows. Cowboy Jamboree Press, 2020. $13.99. 113 pages. http://www.cowboyjamboreemagazine.com/books.html Review by Nick Gardner William R. Soldan’s Lost in the Furrows, is a collection of short and flash stories about the seamier types that exist in this fictionalized, rural Rust Belt town. While often these characters are seen as insular, caught up in the reiterations of addiction and violence common to the growing trend of “Grit Lit,” or “Gritty Realism,” Soldan imposes outside forces upon his characters, pressing them to question their limited, often patriarchal worldviews. Such […]

Breakable Bones

By Connor Thompson On summer Sundays my father played golf with his pal Chippy. After drinking and fighting, golfwas my father’s favourite hobby, in no small part because it combined so easily with drinking.Combining it with drinking and fighting had earned him lifetime bans from three local courses.All three fights had been with Chippy over score discrepancies. One time he came home insodden clothes because Chippy had thrown him in a water hazard. The day my father died, Chippy was not with him. They’d had a falling out over anunpaid debt, so […]

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