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Permanent Reverberations

By Carter Davis Johnson Blades of grass, Adorned with frozen robes, Transient. Delicate.  Vaporous crystal.  These are the unbreakable things;  These are the permanent things.  The hewn dominion of granite,  Ruling the ages with stoicism, Trembles.   Even you, proud granite, Wear on your smooth head  Slow decay,  Like a crown of washed pebbles That the shore carries  in her breast pocket. Heraclitus and the Lethe watch  Over the ruins of Wolf House.   Your flinchless form is regal, but Shrunk  With every drop.  Your time, absorbing nothing save heat and chill,  Wanes Imperceptible […]

Two Poems by Rodd Whelpley

By Rodd Whelpley South Loop Thankfully, this was years ago our family in a receiving line at a restaurant on Harrison or Wabash, my wife first, me, and our son – maybe 10 – shaking hands with our first set of grooms,  thanking them for including our kid  on the invitation, apologizing  for making this political, but he needs  to see this.                      We all need to see this.  Then, me at once hugging both the husbands, the three of us gazing over shoulders, wondering  at how hard it is to steal home, […]

Kneel the Cattle

By L. Ward Abel Under winter lightning kneel the cattle  while behind windows             I bathe in a flashing room.   Dreams of sea-level fill thunderheads:   they drain all darkness down to the Gulf.   Their song rattles windows             hereabouts.   Someday I’ll die too  on a course to later fall as rain  when the cedars bend   and the air changes just   enough—then the number ‘one’   will   share me   with about             a billion stars.   About the Author: L. Ward Abel’s work has appeared in Rattle, The Reader, The Istanbul Review, The Worcester Review, The Honest Ulsterman, hundreds of others, and he is the author […]

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